Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top Sales this Month-new addition! Another top sales number!

Ladies, this has been another great month. So sorry if you got stuck in the storm of the $5 tote sale. We have learned that if you don't get an order in the minute you get it, those sales are sold out too fast to even blink. And if you ever have significant problems, please contact our supervisor Erin Welch. You can e-mail me for her information.

June top 3 in Sales!
Stacey J- $1,240.67
Tammy P- $1,240.50
Catrece H-$549.15
Gina M-$308.50
Welcome to the new members. I am sure you will be up on this list soon. Let Gina and me know how we can help you.
Don't get discouraged. There are months with parties and every once in a while....one without a party. Don't be afraid to get on the phone and call everyone. Most people are willing to hear about your new adventure and willing to support you if they can.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Check out the new layout

Just updated out team blog...how do you like it?