Video of a party

Here is a link to my most recent filmed LIVE PARTY

Welcome to my world. Here I am doing a little acting for you, hope it helps!

Party Schedule (Change to fit your style and personality!)

Thank you ladies, I am so glad you are all here tonight.  I love what I do and I am so blessed to do something I love and be rewarded and paid for it.  Here is a picture of my family at Disney, just another example of why I love Thirty-One.  We were able to take this trip completely paid by rewards from Thirty-One. (put your own reason here, just share one)

Who here has been to a Thirty-One Gifts party before?  Can anyone tell us where the name of our company came from?  (share history)

(Let the guest share and then explain the history of our company and as little or much of the Proverbs 31 lady that you would like to share)

Tonight we would like to honor our own Thirty-One Woman by celebrating our Hostess _______________ for who she is.

(have the room go around, introduce themselves and say what they love about her. Then each of them write their thoughts on a card you circulate and give to her at the end of the presentation with a small thank you gift- key fob or something small, $2-$4 gift)

Okay ladies, you have 30 seconds to go to the table and pick out one item you love or are interested in…..

First Ticket Pile:

When they return to their seats, get out your tear tickets and have them go around the room and share why they chose their product. Each person who participates or gives their ideas gets a ticket. Ask who loves everything that everyone has?  Then say if you want to host a show, raise your hand and I will give you 5 tickets right now.

 After you go around the whole room, Choose 1-3 winners (go by size of party) These gifts can be key fobs, nail files, 31 pens, candy…..

Play one quick game (if time allows) and have them fill out their customer care card. Go over the whole thing so they answer ALL OF the questions. (e-mail me for this card if you don’t have it)

Start a new ticket pile:

Now tear off 10 tickets and say you can ask 10 questions, so make it good, about my business.  Give tickets to those who ask the questions.

Then say “anyone who wants to know more about starting your own business at the end of the night can have 5 tickets right now.”

Now draw 1-3 names from that pile of tickets.

Go over customer and hostess specials and monogramming  and say

“thank you ladies for coming tonight, I love being a part of Thirty-One and meeting ladies like yourself just make this even sweeter. And thank you ___________ for opening your home tonight. Here is a small thank you from me and all the kind words your friends wanted to share with you tonight. (hand her the card and small gift) Then say “Now as the hostess tonight, she will be earning some amazing gifts for herself for free and half off. If you want to know more about these rewards, look at page 4 of your catalog (hold up and point to rewards) so if this looks pretty sweet to you, just let me show you more tonight after you are done with your shopping”

Now ladies, let’s shop!