Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book a Show Official Video (prepare yourself)

The Calendar is white and empty tonight
not a party date to be seen
A business of making phone calls, I hope that no one's mean.
The kids are screaming like cats, so I'll just step outside,
couldn't keep them hushed
heaven knows I've tried

Don't let them in, can they not see
 be the good kids I know they can be
I need to pee, don't let them know!!!
Well NOW they know!

Book a show, book a show
Can't get alone for calls anymore
Book a show, book a show
You're gonna have to lock that door
I don't care
What this host has to say
Let the phone ring on
the noise never bothered me anyway

It's funny how an outlet sales makes everything seem small
And negative reviews on my private page can't get to me at all

It's time to see how much I sold
but I've got piles of laundry to fold
The kids are down by the tv
Im free

Book a show, book a show
I am going to really really try
Don't say no, don't say no
Or you may hear me cry
I've called you twice
now just be nice
let the machine come on

The movies over I hear footsteps on the ground
my time is up and I hear banging all around

And one thought comes to mind with this one simple task
the kids are at the door and this is all I ask

Book a show, Books a show
And I will do a happy dance
book a show, book a show
Pick a date now's your chance
Here I stand
with phone in hand

Let the phone ring on
A "no" never bothered me anyway...

74 Ways to Book Parties and Grow Your Business!!!

1. Place a catalog in the teacher's lounge at your child's school.
2. Advertise in your alumni newsletter.
3. Place current customers and leads on the Thoughts, Talks and Trends newsletter
(more info on www.thirtyonetoday.com)
4. Put a catalog in the break room at work.
5. Give a catalog to the receptionist at your doctor or dentist.
6. Mail a catalog to a friend or co-worker who has moved.
7. Have an open house!
8. Leave catalogs whenever you go on an appointment.
9. Ask your hairdresser if you can leave catalogs in the waiting room.
10. Place ads in school newsletters.
11. Put flyers on your neighbors' door.
12. Host an office party and bring simple snacks.
13. Have a shopping party for men before big holidays.
14. Wear your Thirty-One T-shirts when you are out and about.
15. Encourage your hostesses and top customers to host a show twice a year (with each
16. Keep catalogs on hand at all times to pass out.
17. Contact schools and see if you can put a flyer in the Friday folders.
18. Always carry a Thirty-One product to show off.
19. Ask friends to host for you (they owe you).
20. Host a show at the PTO meeting.
21. Have a table at craft fairs and vendor events.
22. Offer a wish list for b-days, Christmas, weddings and births.
23. Encourage your family to host a show.
24. Send out a monthly email to your customer's to let them know about the specials (if
you don't have TTT)
25. Give Thirty-One as gifts.
26. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards at local businesses.
27. See if you can do a drawing for a gift certificate or give away at local businesses.
28. Encourage your family and friends to carry their Thirty-One bags and keep your
business cards on hand.
29. Advertise in your church bulletin.
30. Mail out catalogs and specials flyers.
31. Have your spouse promote Thirty-One at work.
32. Ask past hostesses at your shows to talk about their FREE product.
33. Contact local church youth groups and see if you can do a girl's night out.
34. Go to local dance schools and leave your catalogs.
35. Contact local cheerleading and gymnastics groups for fundraisers.
36. Leave your catalog with a flyer of gift ideas at bridal stores.  
37. Go to a health spa and set up a table for a few hours.
38. Advertise at pre-schools.
39. Make sure your signature on your email tells others about your business and specials.
40. Have your answering machine/voicemail tell of your business.
41. Take catalogs with you when you go out of town.
42. Have a display at job fairs.
43. Set up a table at college fairs (they need money).
44. Stay educated and motivated by attending regular training.
45. Go to motivational trainings.
46. Place catalogs at local hotels and see if you could leave flyers too.
47. Leave your catalogs and do a drawing at your nail salon.
48. Do a catalog show with an out of town friend or relative.
49. Call local hospitals about doing a fundraiser.
50. Give a friend 10 catalogs to pass out for you.
51. Have an incentive for people who give you referrals.
52. Follow through on every lead!!
53. Call realtors and see if you can put catalogs in their welcome folders.
54. Join your Chamber of Commerce.
55. Join a local networking group.
56. Have a fundraiser of your own for your favorite charity.
57. Give Thirty-One as a silent auction item at local school auctions.
58. Call your top customers and ask for referrals.
59. Set up a booth at a school fair.
60. Network with other direct sales representatives.
61. Do a web show.
62. Leave your card with your tip when you eat out.
63. Contact your local Girl Scouts.
64. Go to bridal fairs.
65. Do appreciation days at local businesses.
66. Bring flyers with gift ideas to fire stations.
67. Give catalogs to your bank tellers.
68. Place catalogs in apartment rental offices.
69. Ask friends and family to take your flyers and catalogs to place in their company
break room.
70. Birthday Leads or create a Birthday Club for your Customers.
71. New Mom's
72. Ladies Clubs
73. Put a Thirty-One logo on your car.
74. Offer a baby and bridal registry.


 This week's homework challenge is to hold a "BOOKING BLITZ" for yourself.  Make your list of as many people as you can
 think of to call and be sure to have their numbers listed by their names.  Take 2 hours one afternoon or evening to call. 
 Email me to let me know you are participating.  Report your results on our next training call. 
The gift basket will be given away with a random drawing from the participants.

Sample script:
Hi _________ this is Kaine Story with Thirty-One Gifts.  I am calling because I am involved in a contest with my
fellow Thirty-One sisters to see who can book the most parties in 2 hours. 
The one who wins is going to receive a gift basket totaling $250 in free stuff to giveaway to one of the lucky hostesses.
Can I count on you as one of my bookings?

If she says yes...
Terrific!  Thanks so much!  I will call you back tomorrow around this same time to get all your details worked out
 including your hostess packet information.  If possible between now and then, please look at your calendar and
 see what works for you.  When I call, we can set a date that works perfectly for you.  Thanks again,
and I cannot wait to see you soon!

If she says no...
Ok, then, who do you know that might be interested in winning a $250 gift basket?

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