Welcome New Member!  Please take 5 minutes to watch this vieo!

You will be getting your kit in just a few days! I hope you get a chance to sit down and really enjoy reading all the information, looking at your products and checking out the new catalog!

You will want to get to know your back office at mythirtyone.com/________(insert your id number)

Go to login and use your id number and your password there. (you can also personalize that to a word or name under your profile part of your back office, in the tabs along the top! For instance instead of mythirtyone.com/1407 for myself, I have mythirtyone.com/simplify instead. Some like to use their name!)

You will also want to check out thirtyonetoday.com and all the great training and tools available there! That access may not be up until about 24 hours after you sign, but it will be available soon! All major company announcements are made there!

Also at teamfourthirteen.blogspot.com you can see a ton of little videos and helps that I have put together. And if you are not on our facebook group, make sure you use that too! The entire team is there, ready to get to know you! (ask me if you are not on the facebook group yet called "Team Sharing")

Getting a good start is so important! So I am attaching a check list that may help you stay on track! I am here for you!!

Your Sr. Director and founding consultant,

Tammy Pulsifer 850.545.5153


(message from our direct supervisor before Natalie)
Welcome to Thirty-One and the Home Office Team!!

My name is Erin Welch and I am the director of the Home Office team and I am so glad that you are part of our team! I want to CELEBRATE with you as embark on this exciting and new adventure and make sure that you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to begin! Make sure that you are working closely with your recruiter and myself, your Director so you know everything that is going on with Thirty-One.
Now that you have signed up to be a consultant and have your consultant ID number, I want to ENCOURAGE you to take a few steps to ensure your success!
1. Start Swell:
Our Start Swell program is designed for new consultant only! This is a great incentive for new consultants to be REWARDED for your hard work
ou Start Swell dates begins the day after you sign up to be a consultant. You will find your Start Swell information box on your back-office home page. This contains your start and end date for your 30, 60 and 90 day.

You can view the Start Swell flier on thirtyonetoday.com
2. Thirty-One Today: www.thirtyonetoday.com

This website is our consultant only website. This is the Home Office’s way to communicate with you. We post blogs, specials, recognition and much more on this website for you. I would suggest checking this site out every couple of days for new updates.
Check out the consultant’s toolbox for party tools, recruiting tools and much more!

Log in:  your number
Password: your password

3. C.E.R. 101:
CER 101 is our new consultant training. It is offered several times a month. You will receive an invitation by email so you can register for it on www.thirtyonetoday.com under the C.E.R. 101 section.

Your URL will be www.mythirtyone.com/yourID# .

Another great tool for consultants is our monthly NEWSLETTER  This is a monthly newsletter that is sent to all your customers from the Home Office with the monthly specials, and much more. For more information on how to log into your portal for the newsletter you can email ordersupport@thirtyonegifts.com. After your 90 free trail you can maintain your website and newsletter for just $12.95 a month .