I Can't get booking??

Things to DO:
  1. Highlight hostess specials at parties to let the guest see what they are missing
  2. Offer your own inscentive to anyone who books on the night of show
  3. Keep your calendar near by, look at dates as soon as you can
  4. Ask each guest as they come up if they enjoyed themselves, and then ask them if they are interested in hosting a show.  (sometimes it just takes a little nudge)
  5. Get as much information on guest as they will share, you must be able to contact them right away.  ( the longer you wait the more the "high" goes away)
Things NOT to do:
  1. Never expect a guest to call you.  If you say "call me"...they won't!
  2. Never leave more than one message on the phone.  Keep calling until you get them, but you don't want to leave 10 messages and bug the guest.
  3. If a husband or child picks up and they are not there, just leave your NAME ONLY and say you are with Thirty-One Gifts and you will call them back.  Never leave the "ball" in their court.
  4. Don't expect replies by e-mail.  Unless you already have a date set, it is rare to get much response from e-mails.  People still like to talk on the phone.
  5. If you have to struggle and chase a "lead" just let it go, that is not the way you want to start off with a hostess.  Sometimes just backing off a couple months and then calling them fresh will do the best thing for them, and will result in a booking!