Friday, July 30, 2010

New Catalogs

We are coming into the last day of the Spring/summer catalog of 2010. I hope that you are enjoying the new catalog and don't worry if you have not gotten yours yet. They will be arriving soon. If you need anything just contact Gina or Tammy.

Can't wait to see who are tops sales will be for this month. Good luck in your August month!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Game

Hi ladies!
Over the next week or so I will be posting some new games. I know that all of you are wanting to mix it up a bit especially if you are booking parties off of other parties. No fun playing the same games over and over! I hope you enjoy all these new games! Have fun!

Spring & Summer Discountinued items

* Indicates this bag design will no longer be made!
If there is no * the bag design will remain in the new catalog but the posted fabrics will not!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Great specials

Take advantage of the August special, get on the phone with past hostess' and customers, this will get their attention!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Discontinued list

All of the fabrics listed below will be discontinued for good. If ANY item is available in that fabric, it will not be available in the Fall catalog.
The actual item may remain, but not in that fabric. Fabrics are:

Multi Dot
Chocolate Blossom
Chocolate Spots
Hampton in Taupe
Happy Dot
Black Medallion
Lime Stripe
Dot Dot
Flower Cross
Green Ditzy
Dusty Dot (basket liners)
Deep Blue Ring

FlutterBy, Chocolate Dreams, Brown, and Camo thermal totes)

Once again, all of those FABRICS are gone. For example: the Picnic thermal tote is going to remain, but it will not be available in Happy Dot. The Retro Metro bag will remain, but not in green ditzy.

The following PRODUCTS will be discontinued for good.
Etc wristet (also known as cosmetic brush bag)

Shower Caddy
Hanging Cosmetic Bag
Photo Wallet
Necessity Case
Eye Mask
Double Lipstick Holder

ALL the current scarves (we will still have scarves, but all the summer choices will be gone)
ALL the current clipboards (new choices)
All the current SMALL THERMAL TOTES (ALL new fabrics for this item)
ALL the solid colored cinch sacs (brown, black, navy, and black with owls)
Skirt Purse Skirts in: Black w/ flowers, red w/ flowers, Black swirls, Hampton taupe, Hampton black
Weekender Totes- we will have a new revamped Weekender.
Travel Duffle
Current Cindy Totes- will get a new look and better fabrics/quality
Current Aprons- new ones are coming but solid black and brown are gone
Current Basket Liners in Dusty Dot
Both Beach Towels- will be no replacement
Celebrate Plate and Icons
Some stationary

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Changes- Our Team Name

As you can see there are some great changes. I spoke to a fellow consultant who did go to conference. She said a lot of things did stay, so hopefully you won't have to change over too much. If there is something that is discontinued, I always sell these off to pay for more samples.

We don't know where conference will be next year, but plan on jumping in with me and Gina and trying to earn your way next year. Every January they do an inscentive for you to try and earn your trip for free. If it's not too far away, I plan to go. This year I earned almost the entire trip for free, but it was too far away. So we will see for next year!

We need a team name, so let's throw out some ideas. We will decide on one and hopefully by this time next year, be cheering with each other at Conference!

Sneak Peak Ladies