Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Changes- Our Team Name

As you can see there are some great changes. I spoke to a fellow consultant who did go to conference. She said a lot of things did stay, so hopefully you won't have to change over too much. If there is something that is discontinued, I always sell these off to pay for more samples.

We don't know where conference will be next year, but plan on jumping in with me and Gina and trying to earn your way next year. Every January they do an inscentive for you to try and earn your trip for free. If it's not too far away, I plan to go. This year I earned almost the entire trip for free, but it was too far away. So we will see for next year!

We need a team name, so let's throw out some ideas. We will decide on one and hopefully by this time next year, be cheering with each other at Conference!

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