Party Ideas

Keeping your presentation fun and fresh will help you not only grow your business but keep your business going!  I know after a few times, it's nice to have something new. So here is a new idea and I hope to add more and more ideas soon.

I plan on doing live auctions at my parties when I can. Here is the beginning of one presentation, where they will be able to earn money by finding different items in their purse beginning with the letter I call out!  This is only the first few minutes to just give you an idea. I hope to have a recording of the auction portion very soon!  (PURSE GAME CAN BE FOUND ON TEAM SHARING PAGE OR YOU CAN EMAIL YOUR SPONSOR FOR A COPY)

Thirty-One Live Auction!

Earn "money"* and spend it the night of the party!

$5- for coming

$25- for bringing a friend

$10- for asking one of the 2 important questions that night

$5- for sharing a great outside the box idea with the guest at the party

$10- for every eligible customer special that you buy

$25 for placing an order at the party

$5- for rounding up for 31Gives

$25- for booking a party

$25- for bringing an outside order with you

$50 for joining my team 

Add up your money- at the end of the night, an awesome Thirty-One product will be auctioned off.  You can earn the chance to take that item home tonight! (you cannot give your money away, it's all yours!)

Yes- the Hostess can play!

*"money" is play money, not real cash, Thirty-One money goes a long ways with me!