party prizes?

Never spend too much money on this. Sometimes a bag of candy with your business card tied with a ribbon is all it takes to make a Lady smile! You can check out $1 bins at Target and Micheals for great ideas. Also clearance items after any major holiday. last year I got stacks of great door prizes for .25 each! The Thirty-One pens are 5 for $.50 and they are a big hit with the party guest. You can tie a ribbon and your business card to one and there you have an great gift that won't cost you a lot and keep your name on the customer's mind!
Keep it simple but DO have gifts and door prizes. It keeps the smiles on faces.

Reasons for gift:
  •  First Guest
  • Most enthusiastic guest
  • guest who wins your chosen game
  • guest who asked the most questions
  • guest who asked the best question
  • guest who has had a bad day...
  • guest with the oldest purse
  • guest with the most odd things in their purse
Be creative, look for ways to make them laugh.  have fun.

I usually have a script of some sort and use door prizes to keep the enthusiasm going.  Check the Team Page for some great ideas for games!  If you are doing an open house style, then you can do a drawing or 2.  I like to shop Micheals and Target's dollar bins and mix a little door prize with a Thirty-One Item (such as a pen or nail file) with candy and a dollar bin goodies. I usually spend about $2 on a door prize but dress them up cute!