Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why Should You Hostess Coach?

First of all- this is totally in fun, I am not doing or saying any of this to make fun of ANYONE, these are real EXPERIENCES that me and other direct sales ladies have had.  Just enjoy me making a fool of myself...and giggle a little with me....

From the beginning.

Let's Get Started:

As soon as a party date is set. Drop a postcard or letter in the mail THANKING them for booking a party.  What are some suggestions you can put in that note to help them?

BASICS-  Hostess Packets

Don't assume everyone knows how to throw a party or that they know what they can earn. I have had hostesses not realize they even get hostess rewards!

Feel free to use a cute $2 folder from Office Supply store. No need to make it bulky or waste money on expensive packaging:
Letter (example- Imagine Party)
Incentive flyer (get on business supplies or check Team Sharing for ideas)
Go over 5 Steps to a Great Party Flyer
2-4 Catalogs
Invitations (have prepared)
F.R.A.N.K  List
Keys to success with key fob
Monthly Flyer (can print off TOT)
Sample order form
Outside order forms (found on TOT)

What are some things you like to include in a packet?

BASICS- Hostess Coaching

Contact them 2-4 times before party.   (I use an Avery Sticker to help me remember)

1. Help them set up the event and get the word out.
-Facebook Event
     Why does this need to be "invite only"? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
-Text using Redstamp (Save the date then reminder)
-Thirty-One Event E-vite
-postcards  (push for these, NO ONE gets mail anymore!)  Order from Business Supply link in your back office.

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