Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Check out Thirty-One Today and next incentive!

Hello Ladies,

I hope you will check out http://www.thirtyonetoday.com/ today and see all the latest updates. There is a really important video that you need to check out so you can be prepared for the busy Christmas/Holiday Season. Be prepared so you are not stressed. My first year with 31 I did not prepare well and was up Christmas Eve looking for customer orders! Don't get behind. I would have your last order sent off by December 10...even though we have until the 13th, I do not place orders on that last day!

Really check the back office often for stop sell items as we are in our BUSIEST SEASON of the year. Our company will do as much in sales this OCTOBER as the ENTIRE 2009 year of sales...that is incredible! So be on your toes.

Now, for fun stuff. The top sales person for October and November will receive a $20 gift certificate to use any way they like. I will purchase it from YOUR web page so you can also make commission off it!

So keep up the good work ladies! And call me any time if you have any questions.

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